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Welcome to the CIEL Insights Podcast

November 14, 2022 CIELivestock Season 1 Episode 1
CIEL Insights Podcast
Welcome to the CIEL Insights Podcast
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Welcome to the CIEL Insights podcast!
 In this episode CIEL's Business Development Manager Helen Brooks  introduces the podcast and what future episodes will include.  

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Hello, I'm Helen Brookes, One of the Business Development Mangers here at CIEL. For those of you who are not aware of CIEL, we are the Centre for Innovation Excellence in livestock. 
I'm pleased to tell you that we are launching a new CIEL Insights Podcast channel available on your favourite platforms. Along with our regular blogs, articles and webinars, the podcasts will be available for easy listening to keep you up to date with key industry topics and thought leadership areas as well as future CIEL activities. And to bring a deeper insight into the research and industry Member networks CIEL provides. 
The podcast will not only give you the opportunity to hear from current CIEL Members, but also from the CIEL Team and other special guests from across the wider agricultural community. The first of our podcast series will focus on data. We look forward to speaking to a number of experts and thought leaders on the topic. 
We will delve into questions such as: How do we drive data use on farm, How can data be used to improve profitability and efficiency, and in essence, how can farmers make better data driven decisions? 

We will discuss the challenges and catalysts associated with the questions and take a look at the tools and services available to help. To make sure you don't miss out on the latest podcast releases, be sure to subscribe through your favourite podcast platform. 

Keep up to date by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn or head to for more information. If there are any topics you would like us to cover in the future, get in touch.